25 NSW EC Organisations Call on NSW Gov to: Fund Two Years of High Quality Early Learning

In this important election year, the NSW early childhood education and care sector has come together to call upon the next NSW Government to make a firm commitment to affordable, high quality early learning for our youngest learners.

1. All NSW children have access to affordable, high quality early learning for at least two days per week, for the two years before formal schooling, delivered in long day and preschool settings.

2. NSW children experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage are able to fully participate in early learning and receive the support that they need.

3. Develop, implement and evaluate a strategic vision and action plan to implement a ten year NSW Early Childhood Education Workforce Strategy (2019-2029) that builds a quality, well remunerated and professionally recognised early years workforce.

4. Continued partnership support for the National Quality Framework.

Download the letter to NSW Government here.