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There are lots of big roles waiting for you right now! In some cases, you can even start work in the early learning and care sector while you study towards a qualification.

Members of the Early Learning and Care Council of Australia offer careers in locations right around the country.

ELACCA members are advertising 1,192 jobs around Brisbane and QLD right now!

Why early education jobs in Brisbane & QLD are in demand

The Australian Government forecasts there will be 222,700 early childhood educators, teachers and managers working in Australia by 2026, contributing to an 11% jump in five years. For those passionate about working with children or applying for an early education job in Brisbane childcare centres or kindergartens, you can rest assured that this sector is in high demand.

Where you can work

ELACCA’s 20 members include some of Australia’s largest early learning and care providers, operating long day care services and  preschools/kindergartens. Its members operate more than 2,300 early learning and care services Australia-wide, providing 25 per cent of the nation’s early learning and care places. Check out our latest news to learn more about ELACCA. See our members’ websites below to learn more about them.

ELACCA members are advertising 1,192 jobs around Brisbane & QLD right now!

The roles and responsibilities of early education (childcare) jobs in Brisbane & QLD

Early childhood educators shape children’s lives in their first five years, a crucial time for their learning and development. Educators plan, play, encourage, explain, nurture and inspire. They support children as they grow and develop in all aspects: physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative and cognitive. To do this, they plan activities and assess each child to support their  learning and development.

With a child’s brain building more than a million new connections every second in their first few years, early educators are crucial in guiding a child’s learning journey, to help build a strong foundation for the future.


What are my career options in early education (childcare)?

Different early childhood educator jobs and their required qualifications include:

  • Educators — Early childcare educators must obtain a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or study for this certificate while working. They play an instrumental role in planning and delivering valuable learning activities for children and assessing their performance for future learning.
  • Lead educators — Lead educators decide the best delivery method for the early childhood curriculum. They advise and support other educators and work directly with children. A Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, or gaining this diploma while working, is required.
  • Early childhood teachers — Early childhood teachers deliver preschool or kindergarten programs to children two years before they start school to set them up with the foundational knowledge and skills they’ll require for success at school and beyond. For this role, you’ll need a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, or you’ll study for your degree while working.
  • Managers and directors — Managers and directors ensure children thrive in their learning environment and that educators are a great team. They collaborate with parents to fully understand the best methods to help their children learn and collaborate with organisations to provide additional support for children where needed. You will require at a minimum, a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, or you will undertake this qualification while working.

How can I find early education (childcare) jobs in Brisbane?

You can count on ELACCA to help you locate early education (childcare) jobs in Brisbane near you. Explore our jobs in QLD, and check if your qualification is suitable for the required job vacancy. If you’re a secondary school student interested in work experience, we’ve got you covered too. At ELACCA, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for work and study for everyone interested.

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