Urgent Challenges in Early Learning and Care

Media release

22 May 2022

Australia’s youngest citizens couldn’t vote on Saturday – but they are depending on the new Australian Government to deliver high-quality, affordable early learning and care.

The Early Learning and Care Council of Australia (ELACCA) welcomes the election of the Albanese Government and its clear commitment to meeting the needs of young children and their families.

‘Young children and their families need strong investment in early learning and care over the next three years and beyond,’ said ELACCA CEO Elizabeth Death. ‘We need to ensure that every child has the opportunity to engage in early learning, regardless of their circumstances.’

‘At the same time, we are battling a desperate shortage of qualified early childhood educators and teachers, which is hampering our capacity to meet families’ needs,’ Ms Death said.

‘These are urgent priorities for the new Minister.’

ELACCA is calling on the Albanese Government to:

  1. Provide all children with a base entitlement of at least two days per week of subsidised early learning and care, regardless of their parents’ engagement in work or study
  2. Ensure access to early learning and care, and all necessary support in those services, for children who need it most, including children experiencing disadvantage and vulnerability, and those with additional needs and disability
  3. Increase the Child Care Subsidy rate, bringing the maximum subsidy to 95% for low-income families
  4. Develop a rollout plan for a second year of preschool/kindergarten for all Australian children
  5. Invest in swift implementation of the new National Children’s Education and Care Workforce Strategy.

‘We look forward to working with the new Government to create a better future for our youngest Australians and for the educators and teachers who support them,’ said Ms Death.