Recognising the Efforts of Early Childhood Educators

Media release

13 December 2021

As we near the end of another challenging year, the Early Learning and Care Council of Australia (ELACCA) extends its deep thanks to the thousands of early childhood educators and staff who have rolled up their sleeves to be vaccinated against COVID-19, providing the best protection for the youngest Australians.

‘Among our 20 member organisations, 98-99% of their workforce are vaccinated against COVID-19,’ said CEO Elizabeth Death.

‘We are so thankful for this huge mobilisation by staff to protect the early learning and care sector,’ Ms Death said. ‘The commitment of early childhood educators and support staff to safeguard their workplaces and protect young children deserves respect from all Australians.’

‘As the pandemic has rolled on, it’s become tempting for some to focus on what divides us, rather than the efforts of individuals to support each other.

‘Particularly at this time of year, let’s remember the collective efforts of so many staff to keep young children engaged in early learning and to enable families to continue to work.’

To date, all Australian states and territories except Tasmania have implemented COVID vaccination mandates for the early learning and care workforce.

Once vaccination is extended to 5-11-year-olds on 10 January 2022, children aged 0-4 years will be the only cohort of Australians unable to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Together we not only keep our children safe, but we also enable their growth and development whilst supporting their families to return to work and rebuild our economy.