Sarah (NSW)


How do you know when you’ve had a positive impact on a child’s learning or development?
To have a positive impact on a child’s learning and development, my focus is their sense of belonging. A child who feels safe and secure within their environment will, in turn, flourish within their learning and development journey. Seeing a child develop secure relationships with both their peers and educators is when I know I have had a significant impact on their time at the service and on their future.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from the children you work with?
Working with children has taught me to live in the moment as much as possible. Life is short, and they just soak up each moment to make the most of it. They may have a disagreement with a peer, but it doesn’t take long to work through it. They are resilient and so capable. As adults, we lose these skill sets more as each year passes.

If you were a three-year-old today, what element of early learning and care would you love the most?
The ability to have a voice and choice within my day. I remember being in preschool as a child and being told to sleep, even though this was the last thing I wanted to do. We work very hard today to ensure each child’s voice is heard and catered for. Individualising our care and education as much as possible is the aim each day we arrive at work.