Kenneth (WA)


What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from the children you work with?
The most valuable thing I’ve learned from children is following their lead. When children are given the opportunity to construct their own learning through play, they create wonders with their imagination, bravery and enthusiasm. I believe that every child has hidden talents, waiting to be unfolded. Children can be successful when given the right tools and freedom to choose who they wish to be.

If you were a three-year-old today, what element of early learning and care would you love the most?
Freedom! If I was a three-year-old today, I would love to have the freedom to learn, make mistakes, and decide what my day is going to look like. Empowering children by providing freedom within safe boundaries is such a powerful gift. Life is a bit too rigid when we are older.

What experiences from your own life have been most useful in your work with young children?
Being able to connect with children through other languages has been highly beneficial. As a teacher in Australia, I get the opportunity to meet with children from diverse backgrounds. This is interesting and challenging at the same time, as children can sometimes feel lost when their mother tongue is not English. Speaking multiple languages enables me to connect with children not only through language, but also the awareness of cultural diversity.