Katrina (NSW)


What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from the children you work with?
Children are capable learners regardless of their age. Children have surprised me in the past by being independent and capable, whether it’s during an experience, free play, or during our interactions.

If you were a three-year-old today, what element of early learning and care would you love the most?
I would absolutely love arts and craft. Arts and craft is often overlooked and considered not important, but it’s actually fundamental to a child’s learning and development. Through art, children are able to express their creativity, develop fine motor skills, explore textures, develop hand-eye coordination skills, develop patience and taking turns, and have fun.

What do you wish that other people understood better about your job?
I wish people would understand that early childhood education is not a babysitting job, or something where educators and children fingerpaint all day. It is the most fundamental stage of a child’s learning and development. Early childhood education and educators support children becoming active citizens in their community.