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What’s it like to study while you’re working as an educator?
I have studied all my courses, including my Bachelor, while working full-time. I find it invaluable to be working in the industry every day while studying. You get the hands-on experience to put what you are learning into action. You also have the opportunity to seek support and advice from others around you at work, on topics you may be struggling with or not understand.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from the children you work with?
The resilience and capabilities of young children. I admire their resilience and honesty in tough situations, which I have seen in many different circumstances. I have also learned not to underestimate any child – they can achieve anything with the support of educators, peers, and their families.

What do you wish that other people understood better about your job?
That we do so much more than just look after children, and how truly rewarding my job is. It is extremely rewarding setting up engaging and exciting play spaces and experiences for the children and watching them succeed and master new skills, and the happy smiles when they do. I absolutely love the enjoyment and greetings the children give me on arrival to the service. What could be more rewarding?