Fiona (QLD)


Why did you decide to become an early childhood educator?
I initially studied to be a primary school teacher. In my studies, I learnt about neuroscience and became fascinated by concepts such as ‘the first 1000 days’ and how a child’s experiences during this time play a critical role in defining later outcomes. Because of this, I ended up completing a Master of Early Childhood Teaching, and here I am today – a proud early childhood educator.

What’s it like to study while you’re working as an educator?
I am so thankful that I worked full-time in the industry while studying. This allowed me to practice and observe theories in real-world contexts.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from the children you work with?
The eight hours children spend in my care matters; the words and actions I use make a difference. Knowing this makes me more intentional in my approach, as well as patient and understanding. It also makes me value the importance of my role and my colleagues’ roles. Together, we make a real difference.