A new Preschool Outcomes Measure welcome news for early learning sector

Media Release

28 September 2023

The Early Learning and Care Council of Australia (ELACCA) welcomes today’s joint announcement from Australian, state and territory Education Ministers on the development and trial of a new Preschool Outcomes Measure.

The Measure is a significant addition to the Preschool Reform Agreement progressed across all states and territories and the Australian Government, that will benefit children, and support early childhood teachers and educators across the country.

ELACCA CEO Elizabeth Death welcomed the news of this important reform this morning. “We look forward to the development of a Preschool Outcomes Measure. This needs to be firmly based upon rich early childhood pedagogy to support and build on existing high-quality early childhood teaching and learning in services across the country” Ms Death said.

The Measure includes an evidence-based teaching tool to support educators and teachers to better understand a child’s strengths and capabilities. The tool will be applied through play-based learning and deliberately complement existing observation of children’s everyday learning and development, as required under National Law.

To be developed in partnership with the sector, and trialled nationally in 2025, the voluntary tool will help meet the learning needs of Australian children in the year before school. The tool will focus on two important progression domains in early learning: executive function, and oral language and literacy.

“Equipping our early childhood teachers and educators with a validated, appropriate tool to scaffold children’s learning, in sync with the National Early Years Learning Framework, will improve practice and streamline and reduce workload for our greatly valued early learning workforce”. Ms Death said. “ELACCA looks forward to working with Governments in the development and trial of the tool”.

“Access to a quality preschool service is transformational for children’s learning trajectories. We want every child to receive a quality early learning experience, regardless of the setting or location, and have the best possible start in life”. Ms Death said.

However, building and retaining the workforce remains the sector’s biggest challenge. “We look forward to continuing to work with Governments and Departments of Education to develop and implement practical solutions to recruit, retain and uplift our early childhood educators and teachers, and to improve access to quality learning and care across Australia.” Ms Death said.

These reforms will help ELACCA progress its objective to lead exceptional early learning outcomes for Australian children, and aspire to:

  • progress the quality of early learning and care and outcomes for all children.
  • enhance the development and professionalisation of the early learning workforce.
  • improve equity of access to early learning for all children.


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