We’re for lifelong learners

At Uniting, we work with parents and the community to grow and engage children as active learners. We have a range of Early Learning Services including preschool, long day care, occasional care, outside school hours care and vacation care. Each of our 58 services reflect the needs of the community it serves, working with that community and side-by-side with the Uniting Church.

Our qualified educators provide quality learning environments for children to thrive before school, during school, and beyond.  We introduce values such as respect and compassion to start children on their way to becoming active citizens in their community.

We are committed to children’s citizenship, a practice that takes into account the unique contributions that children already make but often go unnoticed – ideas, efforts, emotions, experience and time. We recognise the untapped potential and rights of every child to change something in the world, for themselves, their family, and their community.