Early childhood educators

‘Education has the power to transform lives […] This begins with making sure that every young child has the opportunity to benefit from structured play-based learning before they start school, because this helps build the social, emotional and cognitive skills they need to succeed in the years to come.’

– Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration, 2019

Children’s early learning shapes their whole lives. Research has proven that quality early learning in a child’s first five years has a vital impact on their entire future. That’s why early childhood educators have such a big role to play. Early childhood educators support and guide children’s learning and development, to give every child the best chance in life. Now that’s an important job.

Educators plan, play, encourage, explain, nurture and inspire.
They understand that learning has many aspects, each of them important as children grow: physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative and cognitive.

Why is early learning so important?

In the first few years of a child’s life, the brain builds more than one million new connections every second. The amazing human brain never again develops so rapidly. 

We need to ensure that this early brain development provides a strong foundation for children’s later learning and success.

Types of jobs for educators

  • Educators
  • Lead Educators
  • Early Childhood Teachers
  • Managers and Directors

We work with children aged birth-5 years. We establish strong relationships with them, to help them feel secure and confident. We plan and deliver activities for children, and we also respond to lots of amazing spontaneous moments. We explain, question and demonstrate. We are always assessing how each child is doing and what they need to support their learning and development. At a minimum, we have a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, or we are studying for our Cert III while we work. We play an incredibly important role.

We take a lead role in planning the educational program. That means we decide the best way to deliver the early childhood curriculum for the children in our care. We provide advice and support to other educators, to build an effective early learning team. We also work directly with children, alongside our educator colleagues. We have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, or we are gaining our diploma while we work. Our role has a remarkable impact in little lives.

We deliver preschool/kindergarten programs to children in the two years before they start school. We help them to develop the knowledge and skills that will set them up for success at school and beyond. We know how to teach early literacy and numeracy and to support emotional development. We understand the importance of children becoming self-reliant, collaborative and confident. We have a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, or we are studying for our degree while we work. We play such an important part in little lives, preparing them for everything to come.

We make sure that all of the children at our service are thriving and that our educators are a great team. We work with parents to understand the best ways to help their children learn. We collaborate with other organisations to find specialised support for children and families who need it. We are responsible for ensuring our service meets the National Quality Standard for early learning and care services. We have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, or we are undertaking this qualification while we work. Our big role supports so many children and families in our community.

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Early childhood educators are skilled professionals.
The work they do has an incredible impact on little lives.

Whatever your background, there’s a qualification pathway into early learning and care that’s just right for you.

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